I am a photographer born in Yorkshire, England. Mesmerized by musicians and performers, I began taking photos in early 2000’s. At the beginning of my career I was fortunate to be employed by UK record labels, Atlantic and Sony, and commissioned to produce album art and press shots for artists in London. At the same time, I assisted London fashion photographer George Ktistakis and was an apprentice at London darkroom Rapid Eye.

In 2008 I left the UK to travel to Australia, I arrived not knowing anyone. As luck would have it I met an incredible community of artists, musicians and performers. This chance encounter led to my first major body of photographic work titled “This City Speaks To Me”. For three years I documented the lives of those that inspired me in Melbourne, taking portraits in a makeshift studio with a large format camera and some of the last Polaroid Type 55 film I could find. The State Library of Victoria recognized the project as a prominent documentation of sub-cultures within Melbourne’s underground, they purchased the entire body of work in 2011. I am one of a few living photographers with a collection of work in their archives.

During my time in Melbourne I also met my wife, Sarah Cook. After the project finished we relocated back to her home town of Newcastle to run creative agency, Headjam. We work on multidisciplinary projects with our business partner, Mike Preston, and our growing team of 15 creatives who encompass all types of wonderful abilities.

I continue to take photographs for select projects alongside my work running Headjam; and remain forever fascinated by performers of all walks of life.

Photo by the awesome Alex Mcintyre

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