Portraiture fascinates me. My favorite type of work combines both portraiture and documentary photography together. This is because documentary work is wild and free, where I am reacting to what is going on around me, whereas my portrait work is structured and rigid, often executing an idea I have conceptualized in my mind to tell a story in a very different way.

The tools I use help me craft my portraits, they purposefully slow me down to stop and think, to question and challenge myself. This ensures everything is right and aligned within the frame itself enabling me to focus on the subject and their story.

This selection of work is a series of different portraits I've crafted over the years for a number of clients, mostly music and performing arts with some exceptions.

Cameras: A mixture of Linhof Technika 4x5, Pentax 67, Hasselblad 500CM, Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya Leaf credo 60 or Phase One XF 100.

Film / Medium: A mixture of Kodak Portra, Kodak Tri-x, Kodak E200, Polaroid type 55, Polaroid type 59 or digitally graded using capture one.